Apply for a small payday loan?

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Request small payday loan

Request small loan

You can apply for a small payday loan in no time. You have completed the application within 5 minutes, and on the same day you can enjoy extra cash on your account. That is the big advantage of applying for a small payday loan. That is why more and more Dutch people are using it.

The benefits of applying for a small payday loan:

  • Request without obligation and free of charge
  • Requested within 5 minutes
  • Up to $ 1000 deposited the same day
  • Fast, discreet & without Banker testing
  • Complete privacy and discretion

Where can I request a small payday loan?

Where can I request a small loan?

You can request a small payday loan from 3 different lenders. Each of these providers has its own amounts and conditions that you can choose from. Look closely at the different providers and make your choice where you want to apply for your small payday loan.


Requesting a small payday loan from Percash is quick, discreet and very simple. Thanks to additional discount bundles you can easily and inexpensively enjoy extra services. For example if you want to be paid extra quickly, or if you want to apply for a small payday loan extra quickly. Moreover, you have the widest choice of loan amounts, from just 50 usd to 1000 usd!

  • Permit: yes (MFSA)
  • How many borrow: 50 – 1000 usd
  • Money in account: within 1 day (fast)
  • Payment term: 15 or 30 days
  • Banker assessment: no


Creditdome is a unique service that brings borrower and lender together. You can therefore take out a (mini) loan with a private lender. This allows you to adjust the conditions, such as the payment term and the amount of the loan. A unique new service with unique possibilities!

  • Permit: not applicable
  • How many borrow: 100 – 500 usd, in the long term also higher amounts
  • Money in account: flexible, possible within a day
  • Payment term: flexible, can be arranged tailor-made
  • Banker assessment: no.


Serratum is known for the flexible terms and the ease with which you can request a small payday loan. The maximum amount goes up to 800 usd, and you get up to 45 days to repay. Handy if you have to wait a little longer to repay your small payday loan.

  • Permit: no
  • How much to borrow: 100 to 800 usd
  • Money on account: within 24 hours
  • Payment term: 15, 30 or 45 days
  • Banker assessment: no

Loan Competitor

The Loan Competitor is known for the larger loans. However, you can also request a small payday loan. This renowned institution is a member of the NPV and always provides a suitable solution to securely borrow money.

  • Permit: yes (FAM)
  • How much to borrow: 500 to 100,000 usd
  • Money on account: depending on request
  • Payment term: flexible
  • Banker assessment: yes

Easy Loan

Requesting a small payday loan from Easy Loan is no longer possible via Lenading. Some time ago this provider was heavily fined by the FAM for providing unclear information. Read more about this in our experiences with this provider. Do you want to request a small payday loan? Then choose one of the above providers.

  • Permit: no
  • How many borrow: 50 – 600 usd
  • Money in account: within 20 minutes.
  • Payment term: 5 – 31 days
  • Banker assessment: no

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