Author: Cheryl McAteer

Health Insurance for SMEs

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Thinking about the health of your employees is thinking about the health of your company. ABBC Finance, in co-insurance with Anitas, offers a complete healthcare product, diagnostic tests and specific hospitalization for companies and with access to a large medical staff with 40,000 professionals and 700 private centers. There is also a superior range of […]

Fast SMS Loan

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  You no longer have to shake before each pay period and count every crown to keep you on basic groceries. A quick SMS loan before payout is always ready for you, just know that you need the money. How to do it? You don’t even have to circulate private individuals, beg for a loan […]

What is health insurance?

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Health insurance is an insurance policy that reimburses the costs of medical treatment, the use of medical aids or other facilities for medical reasons. These costs can arise as a result of an illness, accident or defect, but also through prevention (eg a check-up at the dentist). Health insurance is compulsory in our country. It […]

Loans to people from people

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  Have you borrowed from banks or non-banks in the past and surprised you how much money you overpaid? Borrow cleverly through Loansforlenders, which provides loans to people from people and at the same time allows you to value free money without previous investment experience. How Loansforlenders works Loansforlenders is an interesting project with a […]

Car Loan

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Utang Loan offers two types of loans: a special-purpose loan with an advantageous interest rate or a non-purpose loan using anything. What are the parameters of each loan and what is it worth to use as a car loan ? Purpose loan from UL Loan from 20 thousand with maturity up to 10 years If […]