Choose health insurance for your family

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Choose a health insurance policy for your family? First read these tips, including additional coverage and the family package. Compare and do not pay too much.

Health insurance for the entire family


The health insurance policy for the entire family does not exist. Everyone has different care needs, also within the family.

With suitable health insurance for every family member, the most important healthcare costs are covered and you do not pay too much. This requires a little research. With these tips you choose the right health insurance policy for the family.

Choose health insurance as partners

Choose health insurance as partners

  • Everyone older than 18 must take out their own health insurance policy. Partners can of course opt for the same healthcare policy. An advantage is that this makes administration a bit easier. However, both health insurance policies must be applied for separately.
  • When 1 of the partners is affiliated with a collective, for example through work, the other partner can usually also use it. You receive a discount on the health insurance premium through collective health insurance. This does not mean that you are always cheaper.

Always compare your collective premium with all healthcare premiums for 2019.

  • If you and your partner have other healthcare needs, it is not wise to take out the same healthcare insurance policy. There is a good chance that someone will pay too much health insurance premium or that the care required for one of the partners is not covered.

Choose a suitable health insurance policy by adjusting the deductible and the coverage to your healthcare needs. View the top 3 health insurance per coverage here.

Choose health insurance for your child

Choose health insurance for your child

  • Children up to the age of 18 are co-insured for free on the care policy of 1 of the parents. It is smart to choose the parent with the most comprehensive health insurance. The chosen basic insurance and additional coverage also apply to your child. Without having to pay extra for this!
  • Most care for children is included in the basic insurance, including the dentist. If your child needs specific care, you can consider adjusting the policy of 1 of the parents accordingly. For example, check whether the preferred healthcare provider is connected and whether a certain medication is reimbursed.

Choose additional insurance for your child


  • You can take out supplementary insurance for care that is not covered by the basic insurance. The most preferred supplementary cover are orthodontics, glasses or lenses and physiotherapy.
  • In addition, you have to check for yourself whether the wage to pay a few extra tens per month for additional insurance? The alternative is to save the extra healthcare premium and thus pay for the required healthcare. The rates of the orthodontist, optician and physician can now easily be found online.

Choose a supplementary family package

Choose a supplementary family package

A number of health insurers offer a supplementary family package. These are CZ, VGZ, Zorg en Zekerheid. This includes a standard reimbursement for glasses or lenses and orthodontics. In addition, depending on the chosen family package, you will receive a reimbursement for specific care or prevention, such as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • First aid course
  • Exercise programs for overweight
  • Sports or swimming lessons
  • Maternity care
  • Courses on childbirth and pregnancy
  • alternative cure

The family package is primarily a marketing name. It bundles a number of additional insurance policies that parents often use. However, you can also (separately) conclude this with other health insurers and possibly also cheaper.

As with other supplementary policies, the same applies to the family package: check for yourself whether the extra tens per month pay.

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