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You no longer have to shake before each pay period and count every crown to keep you on basic groceries. A quick SMS loan before payout is always ready for you, just know that you need the money. How to do it?

You don’t even have to circulate private individuals, beg for a loan from banks or large non-bank bonds. They would, in the best case, lend you a few days. And as a rule, there is not much time before payday.


Pre-pay SMS loans are provided by specialized companies that care about making things as simple as possible and getting the money as quickly as possible. Usually, borrowing will not take more than 15 minutes, and after approval of the loan, you may be sent immediately.

Ready solution

loan solution

No complex questionnaires, long asset lists, or printout of account statements are required to borrow money before paying. You only take your identity document, call or fill in a simple online questionnaire and beep on your mobile or email notification that the loan has been approved. At that moment, you are absolutely sure that you will receive the money in your chosen way.

Loan up to CZK 50,000 immediately

Loan  immediately

Online loan application without paperwork
On this page, choose the loan amount, register here and get a loan without formalities up to 50,000 CZK . Repeated loan at any time!


Cash money


Fast loans before payout can be drawn immediately – immediately. If you choose to hand over your money personally, it is not difficult to make arrangements on the spot. Several thousand crowns have been ordered during a personal meeting. And the person who pays the money will tell you or modify it. Who is in a hurry knows the same bank is the fastest way. If you send funds to an account at the same financial institution, you will be taken to them in a few minutes. And through your credit card or online banking, you make the payment you requested or cash in.

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