Health Insurance for SMEs

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Thinking about the health of your employees is thinking about the health of your company.

  • ABBC Finance, in co-insurance with Anitas, offers a complete healthcare product, diagnostic tests and specific hospitalization for companies and with access to a large medical staff with 40,000 professionals and 700 private centers.

  • There is also a superior range of reimbursement option with which you can enjoy free choice doctors.



Advantages for your employees

  • It is insurance without co-payments and with a single premium for both sexes.
  • You can incorporate the relatives of the employees in the policy. Access to other services such as aesthetic solutions, eye laser surgery, preventive medicine, etc.
  • Includes dental coverage and reimbursement of pharmaceutical expenses at 50%.
  • Digital coverages:
    • Medical video consultation service 24h.
    • Medical advice programs by video consultation, for example psychologists, nutritionists or personal trainers.
    • Delivery of medications from the pharmacy without any cost to the employee.
  • Family assistance (we will help you in case of hospitalization or stay in your home due to illness):
    • Support in the basic tasks of the home.
    • Transfer of a relative by plane, train or taxi to your home for the care of your family.
    • Accompaniment of minors to the school.


Advantages for your company

  • You can choose between the modality of medical chart or the possibility of free medical reimbursement of 80% (up to € 150,000 / year, within the limits of the policy).
  • It allows hiring for employees and related (with a minimum of 5 insured).
  • You can reduce the waiting time in healthcare for your employees.
  • Strengthen your commitment to your business and your employees.

Remember that, according to current legislation, employees of companies that contract Health Insurance may deduct premiums paid up to the limit of € 500 per person per year.


Health SMEs

The amount of insurance can be deductible in the IS provided that the conditions established by the applicable tax regulations are met.

Insurance: Product co-insured at 50% by ABBC Finance, Segurado Okayka and Anitas. Both entities registered in the Register of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the keys C-0502 and C-320 respectively.

Mediator: ABBC Finance, OPERATOR OF Sure Bank, BA Company registered in the Special Administrative Regime with code OV-0060. Agreement for Civil Liability Insurance and a financial guarantee.

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