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Have you borrowed from banks or non-banks in the past and surprised you how much money you overpaid? Borrow cleverly through Loansforlenders, which provides loans to people from people and at the same time allows you to value free money without previous investment experience.

How Loansforlenders works

Loansforlenders is an interesting project with a unique approach, which is based on Home Credit. Ordinary people borrow each other in this virtual marketplace. Lofole charges 2% of the loans provided and 1% of the amount invested. For these commissions, the company takes care of all the administration and verifies the credibility of the loan applicants.

I’m interested in a loan


The good news is that as a loan applicant, you can reach interest from 3.99% pa and get an average of 4% better than your bank. The loan amount is up to CZK 300,000 with installments spread over 6 months to 7 years. The loan is non-purpose and you can finance it from housing, ordinary things or business. Mothers on maternity or seniors can also apply for it.

I’m interested in investing

Anyone of us can become an investor at Loansforlenders and respond to specific loan applications up to CZK 5,000. This means that if someone asks for a loan of 50,000 crowns, at least 10 investors must take it. You determine the risk of investment from minimum to high.

How to apply for a loan?

How to apply for a loan?

You apply for a loan at Loansforlenders and fill in all the important information about your person in a fun way. You upload two identity documents and a bank statement for the last three months to the company. Based on all data, Loansforlenders employees will decide on the approval of the loan and will send you a specific offer. Loan demand will be visible to investors for 7 days and you will significantly increase your chances by writing a short story of why you want to borrow.

Examination of applicants

Examination of applicants

Loansforlenders carefully checks each loan applicant for income and credit history. It views the Insolvency Register, the Register of Invalid Identity Cards and the Non-Banking Register of Client Information (NRKI). This minimizes the risk for investors and protects applicants from further debt.

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