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Every month the same story: you charge and tell yourself “this time I save .” However, with the passing of the days the expenses and unforeseen events arrive, and in the end you plant yourself at the end of the month with the right money and without having saved.

And it is that one thing is to say it and another very different, to achieve it. Despite this, in Good Finance , a leading company in the microcredit sector in Spain, we know that it is not impossible, so we bring you five tricks that will help you save.

Think. Before making any expense


You have to take into account what your needs are and what that expense means for your economy. That way, you can Carry out rational consumption . Awareness of the situation is always the most important step.

Set goals. According to one study, thinking about retirement can help you save more money. Setting goals is essential to find a motivation and not “save by saving”, a fact that in the long run is more beneficial for your economy.

Pay in cash. In most cases

Pay in cash. In most cases

credit cards are our worst enemy, since they make it difficult to control what we disburse. If you pay in cash and, in addition, with large bills, your savings will be greater, since it has been proven that the psychological impact of delivering a 50 ticket is greater than that of giving one of 10.

Fight store strategies. The environment, distribution or even the aromas of shops can encourage and increase consumption. Avoid them to the fullest with methods that help you be more aware of what you buy, such as going to the supermarket after eating and with a list of what you need.

Know yourself

You should know when you are more prone to compulsive purchases to satisfy them with other activities that do not involve disbursing money, such as going out to nature. Knowing your weaknesses is just as beneficial for your mood as for your pockets.

If you still get calm at the end of the month, you can count on us. In Good Finance we grant credits of up to € 300 to deal with these situations. Are you interested Click here and find out.

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