What is health insurance?

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Health insurance is an insurance policy that reimburses the costs of medical treatment, the use of medical aids or other facilities for medical reasons. These costs can arise as a result of an illness, accident or defect, but also through prevention (eg a check-up at the dentist). Health insurance is compulsory in our country. It is also part of the social security system.


Do I have to take out health insurance myself or am covered by my parents’ insurance?

Do I have to take out health insurance myself or am covered by my parents

As long as you study in the professional integration period (the former ‘waiting period’), you can stay insured until your 25th birthday by the health insurance of your parents. If your professional integration time has elapsed or you find work, you must register with a recognized insurance institution. For this you can go to a health insurance fund or the sickness fund for sickness and invalidity insurance.


What do I have to take into account when I travel abroad?

health insurance

If you go abroad for studies, an internship, a temporary job or volunteer work, you are not always automatically covered by your health insurance. Therefore, visit your health insurance fund before your departure and explain your plans in as much detail as possible. The health insurance fund employees can tell you what and how long you are insured or not.

With regard to health insurance, there are important differences for stays in an EEA country or in Switzerland and those in countries outside the EEA. You can find information tailored to your situation via the search engine.

If your health insurance is not sufficient, you can get extra insurance from private companies. There are special policies for your specific form of stay (eg for studies). If you take out a private insurance policy then explain to the broker your plans as detailed as possible. (eg: Are you planning to do sports in addition to your studies?) If necessary, compare the quotes from different brokers before choosing a specific insurance policy.


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